Sung-Jun Joo (Ph.D. course)

Flash light sintering of Cu nano-ink and its theoretical investigation

Reliability analysis of PCB and semiconductor packaging

Structural health monitoring and self-healing of composite

E-mail : irony09@hanyang.ac.kr

Graduate Student in Hanyang University
Ph.D course of Multifunctional Composite Design and Manufacturing Laboratory
Department of Mechanical Engineering, HanyangUniversity
Engineering Center 311,
17 Haengdang-dong, Seoul 133-791, Republic of Korea

M.S.&Ph.D   Mechanical Engineering HanYang   2013~  
B.S.   Mechanical Engineering HanYang   2009~2012  
Chunchun High School   2005~2008  

 International Journal Papers ( Published 16,  Accepted 0, Submitted 1, Preparing 3)
1. Sung-Hyeon Park, Sung-Jun Joo and Hak-Sung Kim*,"An investigation into methanol oxidation reactions and CO, OH absorption on Pt-Ru-Mo catalysts for a direct methanol fuel cell", Journal of the Electrochemical Society , 2014, Vol. 161, pp. 405-414
2. Sung-Jun Joo, Hyun-Jun Hwang and Hak-Sung Kim*, "Highly conductive copper nano/micro-particles ink via flash light sintering for printed electronics", Nanotechnology, 2014, Vol.24, pp.265601 
3. Sung-Jun Joo, Buhm Park, Do-Hyoung Kim, Dong-Ok Kwak, In-Sang Song, JunHong Park*, and Hak-Sung Kim*, "Investigation of Multilayer PCB Film Warpage Using Viscoelastic Properties Measured by a Vibration Test", journal of micromechanics and microengineering, 2015, Vol.25, pp.035021
4. Sung-Jun Joo, Sung-Hyeon Park, Chang-Jin Moon and Hak-Sung Kim*, "A highly reliable copper nanowire/nanoparticle ink pattern with high conductivity on flexible substrate prepared via a flash light sintering technique", ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 2015, pp 5674-5684
5. Do-Hyoung Kim, Sung-Jun Joo, Dong-Ok Kwak and Hak-Sung Kim*, "Anisotropic viscoelastic copper traces/photoimageable solder resist composite shell modeling technique for warpage simulation of multi-layered printed circuit board", Journal of Micromechanics and Mircoengineering, 2015, Vol.25, No.10, pp. 5016
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8. Sung-Jun Joo, Buhm Park, Do-Hyoung Kim, Dong-Ok Kwak, Junhong Park, and Hak-Sung kim, "Bi-directional homogenization equivalent modeling for the prediction of thermo-mechanical properties of a multi-layered printed circuit board (PCB)", Journal of Micromechanics and Microengineering, 2016, Vol. 26, pp. 15
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11. Sung-Jun Joo, Myeong-Hyeon Yu, Eun-Beom Jeon, and Hak-Sung Kim*, "In situ fabrication of copper electrodes on carbon-fiber-reinforced polymer (CFRP) for damage monitoring by printing and flash light sintering", Composites Science and Technology, 2017, Vol. 142, pp.189-197
​12. Chang-Jin Moon, Inyoung Kim, Sung-Jun Joo, Wan-Ho Chung, Taik-Min Lee, and Hak-Sung Kim*, "Flash light sintering of Ag mesh films for printed transparent conducting electrode", Thin solid films, 2017, Vol. 629, pp. 60-68
13. Myeong-Hyeon Yu, Sung-Jun Joo, and Hak-Sung Kim*,"Multi-Pulse Flash Light Sintering of Bimodal Cu Nanoparticles-Ink for Highly Conductive Printed Cu-Electrodes", Nanotechnology, 2017, Vol. 28, pp. 205205
14. Hyun-Jun Hwang, Sung-Jun Joo, Supriya. A. Patil and Hak-Sung Kim*, "Efficiency enhancement in dye-sensitized solar cells using the shape/size-dependent plasmonic nanocomposite photoanodes incorporating silver nanoplates", Nanoscale, 2017, Vol. 9, pp. 7960-7969
15. Wan-Ho Chung, Sung-Hyeon Park, Sung-Jun Joo and Hak-Sung Kim, "UV-assisted flash light welding process to fabricate silver nanowire/graphene on PET substrate for transparent electrodes", Nano Research, 2017, pp, 1-14
16. Sung-Jun Joo, Myeong-Hyeon Yu, and Hak-Sung Kim, "A Study for Improvement of Electrical Conductivity of Flash Light Sintered Cu Nano-Ink for Damage Detection of Carbon Fiber-Reinforced Composite Via Addressable Conducting Network (ACN)", Journal of Korean Society for Nondestructive Testing, 2017, Vol. 37, No. 6, pp. 387-392
17. Chung-Hyeon Ryu, Sung-Jun Joo, Hak-Sung Kim, "Flash light sintering of Cu nano/micro-ink assisted with heating and vacuum holding of substrate for warpage free printed electronic circuit", ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 2017 (Submitted)
18. Sung-Jun Joo, Myeong-Hyeon Yu, Won-Seok Kim, and Hak-Sung kim*, "Investigation of damage detection and self-healing of carbon-fiber/polypropylene composite via addressable conducting network" (Preparing)
19. Gyung-Hwan Oh, Sung-Jun Joo, and Hak-Sung Kim*, "Effect of plasma treatment on adhesion strength and moisture absorption characteristics between epoxy molding compound/silicon chip (EMC/chip) interface" (preparing)
20. Ji-Hyeon Chu, Sung-Jun Joo, and Hak-Sung Kim*, "Study on rheological behavior and flash light sintering characteristics of Cu/Ag hybrid nano-ink for multi-layered printed circuit board" (preparing)

 Patents (Registered: 5, Pending: 4, International: 1)
1. 김학성, 황현준, 주성준, "탄소나노구조체를 포함하는 광소결에 의한 전도성 구리 패턴 형성용 조성물, 광소결에 의한 전도성 구리 패턴의 제조방법 및 이로부터 제조된 전도성 구리 패턴을 포함하는 전자소자", 국내특허등록, 등록번호 10-1679144, 등록일 Nov 17th 2016.
2. 김학성, 
주성준, 남권우, "전도성 구리 잉크 및 광소결을 이용한 다층인쇄 회로기판의 제조방법 및 이로부터 제조된 다층인쇄 회로기판", 국내특허등록, 등록번호 10-1693974, 등록일 Jan 02nd 2017.
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9. 김학성, 주성준, 추지현, "광 소결용 잉크 조성물 및 그를 이용한 광 소결 방법", 국내특허출원, 출원번호 10-2017-0082722, 출원일 June 29th 2017.

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 Conference (Presentation 24, Poster 3)
1. 주성준, 황현준, 김학성*, "마이크로 입자와 나노 입자를 이용한 구리 잉크의 제조 및 광소결에 관한 연구", 한국정밀공학회 추계학술대회, Nov 2013. (Presentation)
2. Do-Hyoung Kim, Sung-Jun Joo, Jun-Hee Lee, Dong-Ok Kwak and Hak-Sung Kim*, "Development of pattern modeling and warpage analysis technique of multilayer PCB", Korea-Seoul, The 21st Korean Conference on Semiconductors, Feb 2014. (Poster)
3. 주성준, 박범, 김도형, 곽동옥, 송인상, 김학성*,"다층 PCB의 점탄성 물성 측정에 관한 연구", 대한기계학회 재료 및 파괴부문 춘계학술대회,April 2014. (Presentation)
4. 문창진, 주성준, 박성현, 김학성*, "백색광 소결을 통해 제작된 구리 나노와이어/입자 필름의 굽힘 피로특성 연구", 대한기계학회 재료 및 파괴부문 춘계학술대회, Apr 2014. (Presentation)
5. Sung-Jun Joo, Sung-Hyeon Park, Chang-Jin Moon, Hak-Sung Kim*, "Highly Reliable Copper Nanowires/Nanoparticles Film on the Flexible Polymer Substrate via Flash Light Sintering under Repeatable Bending Fatigue for Printed Electronics", Material research society(MRS) spring meeting, April 2014. (Presentation)
6. Sung-Jon Joo, Sung-Hyeon Park, Chang-Jin Moon, Hak-Sung Kim*, "Study on reliability of copper  nanowires / nanoparticles film on the polymer film via flash light sintering", ICCES14, June 2014. (Presentation)
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8. 전은범, 주성준, 김학성*, "구리 나노 잉크와 유연기판의 접착강도 향상에 관한 연구", 대한기계학회 추계학술대회, Nov 2014. (Presentation)
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11. Sung-Jun Joo and Hak-Sung Kim*, "Study on a flash light sintering of copper nano-ink for application of via-hole", IUMRS-ICAM 2015 (Presentation)
12. 주성준, 유명현, 김학성*, "구리 나노잉크의 유변학적 제어에 따른 인쇄성 및 소결특성에 관한 연구", 대한기계학회 창립 70주년 기념 학술대회, Nov 2015 (Presentation)
13. 유명현, 주성준, 김학성*, "광소결 된 전극의 치밀화 향상을 위한 이종 크기의 구리 나노입자 적용에 관한 연구", 대한기계학회 창립 70주년 기념 학술대회, Nov 2015 (Presentation)
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15. Myeong-Hyeon Yu, Sung-Jun Joo, Hak-Sung Kim, "Flash light sintering of bi-modal Cu nanoparticles to improve electrical conductivity and adhesion strength of the printed Cu electrodes" 제 7회 유연 인쇄전자 심포지엄, October 2016 (Poster)
16. 유명현, 주성준, 김학성, “Flash light sintering of bimodal Cu nanoparticles-ink for printed electronics”, 한국정밀공학회 2016 추계학술대회, Oct 2016 (Presentation)
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19. 유충현, 주성준, 김학성, "Flash light sintering of Cu nano/micro ink for warpage-free Cu electrode with high conductivity using substrate vacuum heating", 대한기계학회 2017 춘계학술대회, April 2017 (Presentation)
20. 주성준, 유명현, 김원석, 김학성, "Damage detection and self-healing of carbon-fiber/polypropylene(CF/PP) composite using addressable conducting network", 대한기계학회 2017 춘계학술대회, April 2017 (Presentation)
​21. 주성준, 유명현, 김원석, 김학성, "탄소섬유 폴리프로필렌 복합재료의 resistive heating을 통한 self-healing 효율 향상에 관한 연구", 비파괴검사학회 2017년 춘계학술대회, May 2017 (Presentation)
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26. 유명현, 주성준, 김원석, 김학성, "전기저항법을 이용한 탄소섬유/폴리프로필렌 복합재료의 손상 감지 및 self-healing에 관한 연구", 비파괴검사학회 2017년 추계학술대회 October 2017 (Presentation)
27. 추지현, 주성준, 김학성, "은/구리 하이브리드 잉크의 다층 회로기판에서의 적용을 위한 레올로지 및 광소결 특성에 관한 연구", 2017 대한기계학회 추계학술대회 November 2017 (Presentation)

Awards and Honors
National Science & Engineer Scholarship  한국과학재단  2009
National Scholarship                            한국과학재단  2012
대한기계학회 신뢰성부문 우수학생논문상 수상              2015