Multifunctional Composite Design and Manufacturing Laboratory
번호 제목 권(호) 출판년도

Computer Methods in Biomechanics and Biomedical Engineering

Biomechanical evaluation of the stability of extra-articular distal radius fractures fixed with volar locking plates according to the length of the distal locking screw

Gyung-Hwan Oh, Hak-Sung Kim, Jung Il Lee

922-932 2021-12-21

Precision Engineering and Manufacturing-Green Technology

A study on copper/silver core-shell microparticles with silver nanoparticles hybrid paste and its intense pulsed light sintering characteristics for high oxidation resistance

Jong-Whi Park, Yong-Rae Jang, Hyoung-Sub Shin and Hak-Sung Kim

8 1649–1661 2021-12-04

Advanced Electronic Materials

Depth gradient reduced graphene oxide layer via intense pulsed light annealing process for the flexible resistive random access memory device.

Jong-Whi Park, Chang-Jin Moon, Young-Min Ju, Yong-Rae Jang, Simon S. Park, Hak Sung Kim

8(3) 2101018 2021-12-04

Journal of the Korean Society for Nondestructive Testing

유리섬유 복합재료 내부 결함 검사를 위한 갈바노 스캐너 기반의 고속 테라헤르츠파 검사 시스템 개발

Heon-Su Kim, Dong-Woon Park, Sang-Il Kim, and Hak-Sung Kim

41(5) 283-288 2021-10-07

Composite Structures

Deep-learning Based Damage Sensing of Carbon Fiber/Polypropylene Composite Via Addressable Conducting Network  

Myeong-Hyeon Yu, and Hak-Sung Kim

267 113871 2021-10-05