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번호 제목 권(호) 출판년도

Journal of the Korean Society for Nondestructive Testing

Detecting defects in a polymer tube using terahertz and deep learning technique

Sang-Il Kim, Dong-Woon Park, Heon-Su Kim and Hak-Sung Kim

42(2) 129-135 2022-04-27

Composites Research

Analysis of defect signals inside glass fiber reinforced polymer through deconvolution of terahertz wave

Heon-Su Kim, Dong-Woon Park, Sang-Il Kim, Jong-min Lee and Hak-Sung Kim

35(1) 8-12 2022-02-28

Composites Research

Study of the Compressive Behavior of Polypropylene-low Glass Fiber Compound and Thermoplastic Olefin under High Strain Rate

Se-Min Lee, Dug-Joong Kim, In-Soo Han, Hak-Sung Kim

35(1) 38-41 2022-02-28

Composites research

Study of Mechanical Properties and Porosity of Composites by Using Glass Fiber Felt

Ji-Seok Lee, Myeong-Hyeon Yu, Hak-Sung Kim

35(1) 42-46 2022-02-28

Applied Thermal Engineering

Thermal simulation trained deep neural networks for fast and accurate prediction of thermal distribution and heat losses of building structures

Dug-Joong Kim, Sang-Il Kim and Hak-Sung Kim

202(117908) 117908 2022-02-05