Multifunctional Composite Design and Manufacturing Laboratory
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Composites Part B

Prediction of the mechanical properties for carbon fiber braided pipe via a progressive failure model based on multi-scale simulation

Myeong-Hyeon Yu, Jeong-Hyeon Baek, Se-Min Lee, Seong-Wook Jeon, Woo-Seok Choi, Sung-Pil Heo, Moon-Ho Yang, Jun-Hong Park and Hak-Sung Kim

(Submitted) 2023-99-99

Scientific Reports

All printed thin film transistor with solution-based Indium-Gallium-Zinc-Oxide semiconductor and printed Ag electrodes via intense pulsed light annealing.

Chang-Jin Moon, Jong-Whi Park, Yong-Rae Jang and Hak-Sung Kim

(Revised) 2023-99-99

Applied Energy

50% Reduction in Energy Consumption in an Actual Cold Storage Facility Using a Deep Reinforcement Learning-based Control Algorithm

Jong-Whi Park, Young-Min Ju, You-Gwon Kim, and Hak-Sung Kim

(Accepted) 2023-99-99

Expert Systems with Applications

Detection of hidden defects inside polymer tubes using anomaly detection with generative adversarial neural network based on terahertz scanning images

Heon-Su Kim, Sang-Il Kim, You-Gwon Kim, Dong-Woon Park, Jong-Min Lee and Hak-Sung Kim

(Submitted) 2023-99-99

Composites Part B

Accuracy enhancement for airbag deployment simulations considering the strain rate and temperature-dependent mechanical properties of thermoplastic olefin and polypropylene

Se-Min Lee, In-Soo Han, Gyu-Won Kim, Hak-Sung Kim

(Submitted) 2023-99-99