Multifunctional Composite Design and Manufacturing Laboratory
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Advanced Electronic Materials

Depth gradient reduced graphene oxide layer via intense pulsed light annealing process for the flexible resistive random access memory device.

Jong-Whi Park, Chang-Jin Moon, Young-Min Ju, Yong-Rae Jang, Simon S. Park, Hak Sung Kim

8(3) 2101018 2021-12-04

Composite Structures

Deep-learning Based Damage Sensing of Carbon Fiber/Polypropylene Composite Via Addressable Conducting Network  

Myeong-Hyeon Yu, and Hak-Sung Kim

267 113871 2021-10-05

Scientific Reports

Design of 3D Printable Prosthetic Foot to Implement Nonlinear Stiffness Behavior of Human Toe Joint Based On Finite Element Analysis

Hui-Jin Um, Heon-Su Kim, Woolim Hong, Hak-Sung Kim, Pilwon Hur*

11 19780 2021-10-05

Scientific Reports

Fabrication of Solderable Intense Pulsed Light Sintered Hybrid Copper for Flexible Conductive Electrodes

Yong-Rae Jang, Robin Jeong, Hak-Sung Kim, Simon S. Park

11 14551 2021-07-15

Composite structures

Study on inter-ply friction between woven and unidirectional prepregs and ints effect on the composite forming process

Jeong-Yeop Kim, Yeon-Taek Hwang, Jeon-Hyeon Baek, Won-Yong Song, Hak-Sung Kim

267 113888 2021-07-01